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Physically measure the area you are going to sod as estimating could result in ordering too little or too much sod. It is more efficient to take the time required to measure twice and order once. Areas should be measured in square feet.


It is easier and more accurate to measure square or rectangular areas.


If you have an irregular area, divide it into squares and rectangles and calculate the area of each. Add together the totals of all the areas measured to determine the square footage of sod needed for your project.


You should order about 5% additional sod to allow for cutting and shaping around your landscape.


Site preparation should be completed prior to the delivery of your sod.

How Much Sod Do You Need?

Calculating Areas

Basic terms that will help you to understand the formulas used to measure for sod are:


A = Area

W = Width

L = Length

H = Height

B = Base

D = Diameter

r = Radius

To find the area (A) of a square or rectangle, multiply its length (L) times its width (W). Using the illustrations below:

(1) The area of the rectangle is L × W or 10 ft. × 30 ft. = 300 square feet.

(2) The area of the square is L × W or 20 ft. × 20 ft. = 400 square feet.

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Rectangle and Square (L × W = A)

Circle (r × r × 3.14 = A)

To find the area (A) of a circle multiply its radius (r) by itself and then multiply by 3.14.


The easiest way to determine the radius (r) of a circle is to measure its diameter (D), which is the distance from one edge of the circle to the other, and divide the resulting number by 2 (r = D ÷ 2). In the circle below D = 60 feet so 60 ÷ 2 = 30 feet = r. Using the illustration below:


The area of the circle is r × r × 3.14 or 30 ft. × 30 ft. × 3.14 = 2,826 square feet.

Triangle [(B × H) ÷ 2 = A]

To find the area (A) of a triangle, multiply its base (B) times its height (H) and divide by 2. Using the illustration below:


The area of the triangle is (B × H) ÷ 2 = or (15 ft. × 10 ft.) = 150 ft. ÷ 2 = 75 square feet.

Right Triangle [(B ÷ 2) x H = A]

To find the area (A) of a right triangle, divide its base (B) by 2 and multiply the resulting number by its height (H). Using the illustration below:


The area of the right triangle is (B ÷ 2) × H or 30 ft. ÷ 2 = 15 ft. × 20 feet = 300 square feet.

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