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Sod installation

Clarksville Sod Farms, Inc. is recognized by our customers as a grower of premium quality sod providing dependable delivery service with our own fleet of forklift-equipped trucks.


Our growing process begins with the quality of our stone-free sandy loam soil and the selection of superior varieties of disease-resistant, wear-tolerant grass seed. Production fields are prepared, seeded, fertilized, irrigated, and mowed meticulously developing into dense, vigorous sod.


We do not use automatic harvesters. All of our sod is hand stacked and graded as it is harvested, assuring our customers that each piece of sod on a pallet is a good, useable piece with no waste. Sod is harvested in pieces that will cover a five square foot area. Each piece measures 16 inches by 45 inches and is folded in half with grass-facing-grass to keep the grass surface clean of soil as opposed to sod that is harvested in a roll.


Our sod harvesting machinery has been customized to cut the pieces with sharp, square edges for ease of installation and also for decreasing the visibility of the seams when the sod is installed.


We also harvest sod in big rolls which are ideal for large, open areas such as athletic fields. Our typical size is 4-feet wide by 62.5-feet long, covering an area of 250 square feet. The length can be changed depending on the application. A big roll will weigh 1,000 to 1,300 pounds. Installation equipment is required and available for your use.


Clarksville Sod Farms specializes in growing Kentucky Bluegrass, Tall Fescue, and Fine Fescue sod. Our customers demand and expect high-quality sod and excellent customer service. We strive to provide complete customer satisfaction from your initial contact with our office staff to the delivery of your sod. Some of our typical customers are golf courses, athletic fields and parks, golf course and athletic field contractors, retail garden centers, large home improvement centers, landscape contractors of custom-built homes, municipalities, and homeowners.


Sod is harvested to order and is available all year, weather permitting. Deliveries are made Monday through Saturday to all of New Jersey, southeastern New York, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. You may also pick up sod at our farms which are located outside of Mount Holly, New Jersey. Acceptable forms of payment are VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and cash. Charge accounts are available for qualified customers.


Thank you for considering Clarksville Sod Farms for your sodding project. Our pledge to you is to consistently provide you with the finest quality sod that you can purchase anywhere in the East at a competitive price, combined with an excellent on-time delivery service to keep your project on schedule.

About Clarksville Sod Farms

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Square Square

Hand stacking and grading of Kentucky Bluegrass assuring quality pieces of sod for our customers.

Harvesting big rolls of Tall Fescue.

Harvesting Kentucky Bluegrass.

Freshly harvested pallets of Kentucky Bluegrass.  Notice the sharp, square edges on each piece of sod.